Rolling Hills High School Class of 1972

Deceased Classmates

Bless those that have already experienced the Great Beyond. Date of death is not
guaranteed to be accurate. If you are aware of errors or you know of others that have
passed on, then please let us know. Click on the Contact Us menu option at the
top of the page. You will find instructions there.

Last Name, First Name Year
Adams, Cameron 1995
Addington, George 2018
Allen, Cynthia 2021
Beach, Christopher Alan 2008
Benjamin, William (Willy) 2017
Blanciak, Dennis 1999
Bondurant, Tom 2000
Brunner, John Michael 1993
(Butcher) Robertson, Debbie 2022
(Chavanne) Gilmore, Louanne 2014
Christensen, Suzanne 2022
Christoffers, Bill 1991
Conyers, Richard Jack (Rick) 2003
(Copeland) Briner, Nancy 2019
(Fettman) Steiker, Barbara 1995
Gallegos, Danny 1992 or 1993
(Gallina) Aubert, Jeanine
Gordon, Scott 2022
Heth, Rhonda 2016
Hinrichs, Max 1987
Hitt, Mary 2001
Johnson, Rex Unknown
Kahn, Roger Unknown
Linnell, Mark 2010
Louie, Jeffrey 2022
(Manson) Christiansen, Melanie 2014
(Martin) Conde, Viki 2019
Matson, Christine 2021
McGrath, Sharon 2006
Merenbach, Laura 1986
Minesci, Peter 1977
Murphy, Dave 2013
Neipris, Roger 2020
(Norris) Bernal, Jean Ellen 2019
Owen, Cal 2022
Pendley, Mark 2009
Poncia, Susan 1996
Rezende, Bob 1978
(Riley) Lockett, Cyndi September 15, 2022
Rochte, Fred 2000
Schonlau, Tom 2009
Smith, Deborah "Debbie" 2008
Smith, Mark 2011
Stark, Steve Unknown
Sullivan, Patrick 2014
Sutherland, Charlie Unknown
Taylor, Ann 2003
Utley, Tom 2017
Van Orden, Ross 2022
Wheeler, Mark 1983
Wollam, Karl 1997
Woods, Bob (Bobby) Unknown
Xenos, Steve 2017